A business driven by values


Uphold the highest standards of integrity and ethics in all business dealings. Demonstrate honesty, transparency, and trustworthiness to build strong relationships with clients, partners, and employees.


Maintain a disciplined work environment where employees are accountable for their actions, adhere to schedules and protocols, and strive for excellence in their performance. Emphasize the importance of following processes and procedures to ensure efficient operations.


Encourage adaptability and agility in response to changing circumstances. Foster a culture that embraces innovation, embraces new technologies and methodologies, and encourages employees to continuously learn and improve.


Instill a commitment to delivering exceptional service to clients and exceeding their expectations. Emphasize the importance of going above and beyond to meet customer needs, providing timely and efficient solutions, and continuously improving service quality.

Established in 2013, LMS Logistics Solutions stands out as a distinguished 3PL company, priding itself on its status as a veteran and woman-owned enterprise. At the helm are Michael and Karina, both seasoned U.S. Army veterans boasting a combined 22 years of military service. Their background includes extensive experience as Army contractors in high-threat environments, providing LMS with a unique fusion of skills and values within the warehousing and distribution industry.

Central to LMS’s ethos is an unwavering dedication to excellence. This commitment is upheld by a workforce comprising highly skilled individuals who undergo comprehensive training within a structured work environment. The emphasis here lies on continuous quality improvement and operational simplicity. Safety is non-negotiable, reflected in our impeccable track record—zero accidents or injuries since our inception—a testament to our steadfast focus on maintaining a secure workplace.

At LMS, our primary focus is nurturing our team members’ growth through exceptional leadership and an unwavering commitment to top-notch service. Key principles like collaboration, teamwork, and ongoing coaching and training are fundamental drivers of our achievements. As an organization, we relentlessly pursue excellence across every facet of our operations, aiming to earn our customers’ trust while commanding respect from competitors and industry peers alike. Moreover, we deeply honor and value the environment and local communities where we operate, understanding the privilege and responsibility that come with our presence.

LMS is 100% committed to supporting our team as well as the clients that rely on our services to fuel their business.

  • We are leader-focused to best target objectives while allowing for and encouraging continual professional development.
  • Continually strive for excellence on a daily basis to attain the coveted trust of those we serve while meeting and exceeding industry expectations.
  • As customer-driven professionals, we understand the need for responsive communication, especially when it comes to your logistics. This is why we endlessly
    work to perfect our operations to maintain a smooth fulfillment process from start to finish.

We understand what it takes to deliver . . .