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How New Regulations Will Impact Shipping, the Environment, and Freight Rates

Original article source supplychain24/7 IMO 2020: The Big Shipping Shake-Up Over 90% of all global trade takes place on our oceans. Unfortunately, the network of 59,000 vessels powering international commerce runs on sulfur-laden bunker fuel, and resulting emissions are causing problems on dry land. As today’s infographic by Breakwave Advisors demonstrates, new emissions regulations taking […]

2019 Third-Party Logistics Study: The State of Logistics Outsourcing

Original article source supplychain24/7 The 2019 23rd Annual Third-Party Logistics Study shows that shippers and their 3PL providers are increasingly moving toward meaningful partnerships and working together to accomplish their supply chain goals. Both parties appear to have a much greater awareness of what they’re trying to accomplish as well as the ways in which [...]

Trouble in Paradise for Third-Party Logistics & Their Fleets

Original article source supplychain24/7 What Happens When You’re Best Friend Turns into Your Biggest Foe? Shock, Anguish, and Sadness. That’s the situation that the 3PL companies are dealing with right now. Trucks, Ships, and Boxes; their most intimate homies have rebelled against them. Believe it or not, managing fleet is one of the biggest challenges […]

Retailers Scramble As Shipper Bankruptcy Puts Goods In Limbo

Original article source yahoo.com NEW YORK (AP) — Some major retailers are scrambling to work out contingency plans to get their merchandise to stores as the bankruptcy of the Hanjin shipping line has thrown ports and retailers around the world into confusion. They don’t have a lot of time. Giant container ships from the South […]

UPS Announces U.S. Rate Increases

Original article source supplychain247.com By Jeff Berman United Parcel Service, Inc. announced an increase in its Ground, Air, International and Freight average rates, the company has announced these rate hikes a month and a half earlier than last year. In earlier fashion than usual, UPS yesterday rolled out United States rate changes that will go […]

2016 Logistics Rate Outlook: A Global Ripple Effect

Original article source supplychain247.com By Patrick Burnson Trade and transport analysts see a negative international market outlook worsen, though some contend that this trend could be reversed later in the year, meanwhile, logistics managers should brace for a volatile period of rate fluctuation. For the last six months of 2015, shippers indicated that they were […]


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