Serving the Refractory, Cement, Ceramic, Steel & Building industries for over 15 years

Industry Verticals


LMS Solutions manages and serves supply chains in a diverse range of industries with special focus on Sealants & Adhesives, Steel, Cement, Chemical, Minerals and Refractory industries. Our greatest successes have always come from working closely with our customers to understand their business and deliver the solutions they need with the precision they expect. LMS Solutions core strengths and ability to provide precise industry-based solutions according to customer specific requirements has made us one of the premier Southern California warehousing providers of industrial materials in the Inland Empire.

Warehousing - Distribution


LMS saves time, costs, and valuable resources, eliminating the need to invest in Warehouse space, Technology, Equipment and, Staff to execute logistics processes.  LMS manages its labor, space and systems infrastructure in order to provide you the agility to surge  your supply chain and reach your market’s demands. When peak seasons are over you can flex back down to mitigate carrying costs in your supply chain. Finished Goods, Raw Materials, Vendor-Managed Inventory Operations, Value Added services, Returns, Reverse Logistics , Special Projects and Consumer Goods for Fulfillment to name a few are services we offer.



LMS leverages relationships and volume discounts for you resulting in lower start up costs and immediate entry to new markets. Consolidation operations let’s LMS group multiple shipments going to the same location or brings in one large shipment to distribute them.  Our In-house rail and Ocean Drayage/Container freight operation covers your import and export needs.  Save on container delivery wait times, drop and hook fees when LMS services your drayage needs. LMS has a special focus on Flatbed and Container Drayage operations in Southern California

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