In today’s market, flexibility and accessibility are key to any business’s success. It takes developed skills in aligning time and availability, as well as reacting quickly and preparing for any sudden changes or disruptions. We offer your business the right fit, at the right time, all for the right price.

SHARED / MULTI-CLIENT WAREHOUSING Multi-Functional Warehousing

With all companies having their own specific requirements and requests, it is important for us to create an environment that is both functional and organized. We have taken the time and experience through trial and error to establish our current shared / multi-client facility that exceeds expectations in all aspects. From packaging, storing, inventory control, order management, and inspection, we adjust all warehousing activities by both client demands and seasonal needs.


With distributors, customers, facilities, and entire industries experience changes every day, it is important to partner with a logistics team that can meet the rigorous demands of supply chain tasks. Through our experience and dedication to refine our skills, we have learned that a major component of our success is attributed to our flexibility. We competitively solve the complexity of your needs with the speed and trust that our clients have come to expect.

At LMS Solutions, we understand the need to be flexible and be able to change direction at a moment’s notice. We can competitively handle the complexity of you and your customers’ needs with speed and reliability.

Our services have been designed to enhance the entire journey of your products in the most efficient period possible. With some products needing to be sorted, segregated, or otherwise modified before shipment, LMS is prepared and equipped to handle all product needs and specifications to ensure products are delivered in the precise manner they are expected to.

Our cross-dock services ensure quick turnarounds to continuously meet performance requirements and market standards. With reduced inventory costs and faster response opportunities between you and your customers, supply chains can be streamlined, allowing goods to move faster and encourage higher satisfaction in all regards.

The LMS Difference

LMS offers endless unmatched advantages through solutions and market experience that simply cannot be beat.

  • Flexible warehouse space so your requirements are always appropriately accommodated.
  • Scalable labor based on your volume demand.
  • Fixed prices for buildings and HR can be transferred to transactional, variable costs.
  • Expect to pay for the services you need, and don’t pay for the one’s you don’t.
  • Take the entire headache of logistics and moving your products from point A to B so you can continue focusing on your business.
  • We put our years of experience, strong military disciplines, and service across many industries to work for you.
  • Guaranteed responsible control throughout all processes, with full inventory visibility and transparency so you can be confident in our service around the clock.


Transloading involves the process of transferring freight from one transportation method to another and is especially common when shipping internationally.

Transloading products from ocean containers to domestic equipment allows for faster service and lower costs. This flexible distribution option not only reduces freight cost through leveraging different strategies, but creates a sustainable supply chain environment. Whether unloading rail cars or ocean containers straight from the part, the transfer and loading of products continues to be a highlighted expertise among the LMS team.


LMS serves as your comprehensive logistics partner, maintaining an echo-managed transportation program that synchronizes your warehouse activities. Our services help generate faster order cycles, as we manage all transportation via career scheduling to ensure on-time delivery.

Our port + rail container drayage solutions support both import and export operations. Our responsiveness to emergency situations and pin-point accuracy for seamless troubleshooting has allowed us to serve several established, renowned refractory companies. Long-standing relations with drayage agencies further guarantee the reliability of our service and performance of our team.