Superior execution could not be accomplished without a trained, motivated and well-equipped team.  We are proud to have a team of experienced and highly dedicated professionals who are trained in house to handle every aspect of their responsibilities. LMS fosters an entrepreneurial mindset. 

We understand what it takes to deliver . . .

Every member of the LMS team is aware of the immense responsibility that we play in the complex supply chain process for our customers.  They are committed and ready to serve.

We charge our team to learn, grow and progress in all aspects of their duties.  We take great measures to mold our new recruits to absorb the skills and information required for optimal performance, making sure that every person at every level is performing at their best.  Our military training has been the vehicle behind our in-house training program, all team members are trained at the individual level then as a collective team. Quarterly evaluations and counseling are conducted and reward programs are implemented for those high performers.