We believe and have embrace the military values while we served.  Since this is the way we think, it’s only right to incorporate those same type of values into our business.  However, we need to adjust those values in a business approach that builds a foundation of serving for our associates. 

The below 4 values are used by LMS Solutions to ensure that we are serving our customers as needed and as expected.


LMS is committed to its team and its customers. Providing outstanding leadership through purpose, direction and motivation to our team and fostering a disciplined environment, training and high standards.  We promote “Selfless Service” throughout our ranks.  Each team member is committed to go a little further and look a little closer to see how he or she can be more accurate and efficient.

LMS has a Drive to Succeed that is second to none, we accomplish the mission at all costs.  Our leadership having been combat tested and combat proven doesn’t believe in just “meeting the standards” we achieve excellence and earn our reputation everyday only by exceeding the standards. 

LMS puts the welfare of our team and our customers before our own.  We communicate consistently and effectively, keeping everyone informed.  That is all we know as professionals, we exercise initiative and promote innovation. We maintain ourselves technologically and tactically proficient ready to excel over the competition giving our customers the competitive edge.

Always doing what’s right, serving morally and ethically is second nature to LMS and is applied in our personal and business relationships.  LMS promotes accountability, we treat everyone with dignity and respect and demand the same.  Our leadership style is to Lead From the Front” and our integrity is forged on the Military definition. Always do the right thing even when no one is looking”