About Us


LMS was originally founded by Michael & Karina Diaz in 2014. After 18 combined years of US military service, they decided to combined forces to create a full-service logistics agency. What was originally an acquired trucking company in operational disarray, our team has worked passionately to establish LMS’s second-to-none service through channeling values of quality, simplicity, and integrity in everything we do.

LMS is 100% committed to supporting our team as well as the clients that rely on our services to fuel their business.
• We are leader-focused to best target objectives while allowing for and encouraging continual professional development.
• Continually strive for excellence on a daily basis to attain the coveted trust of those we serve while meeting and exceeding industry expectations.
• As customer-driven professionals, we understand the need for responsive communication, especially when it comes to your logistics. This is why we endlessly
work to perfect our operations to maintain a smooth fulfillment process from start to finish.

Our primary goal is to make positive changes and innovative shifts within the logistics industry while being a reliable partner for businesses to look to for assistance. We completely embrace the integral part we play in your supply chain process and look forward to showcasing to you how stress-free and streamlined this process can be when you are working with a team that has your goals and success as a priority. We also understand how essential it is to work with clients that care for quality and mutually trusting partnerships, which is why we strive to provide dedicated service to those dedicated to a healthy business relationship.


1. Continuously working to design an environment with seamless flow and straightforward service.
2. Putting our relationship with you at the forefront of our daily tasks.
3. Maintaining complete transparency, accuracy, and responsiveness at all times.
4. Working our hardest to deliver quality service that reflects our unwavering commitment to you.